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A new regulation concerning Safety Certification for Electrical Products was issued in Argentina recently, Resolution 508/2015 from the Argentine Ministry of Commerce supersedes Resolution

According to latest technical update released by China Quality Certification Center (CQC), there is a change regarding to topic of Lithium battery fulfilling to standard GB 31241-2014, as below:

AFTIC (Autoridad Federal de Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones) replaces CNC to operate the homologation. Due to the person to sign the certificate is not appointed
According to latest release from EU, The new LVD entered into force on 18/04/2014 and will be applicable as of 20/04/2016.  The new LVD will replace the existing LVD (Directive 2006/95/EC)
The British Columbia (B.C.) has published the Energy Efficiency Act (EEA) Standards for Small Battery Charging Systems on 2015-02-20, with an effective dates of June 1st, 2015 previously