World's first FCC Cert on a smartphone with 5G NR mmWave technologies

  Having been collaborating with client, Sporton proudly received the FCC certificate in FEB. on a smartphone with 5G NR mmWave technology – the world’s first one ever! !

  As the smartphone operating in the mmWave frequency range, for better transmission and reception, critical applications such as multi-beamforming and multiple antennas will come to play, which make regulatory compliance testing, such as FCC, more complicated and time-consuming. To embrace this new era, Sporton has already committed to a great deal of resources in 5G NR equipment as well as engineering staffs.

Currently, Sporton has the best equipped 5G NR test tools in the world:
1. Anritsu MT8000A
2. Keysight E7515B
3. Anritsu 7873NR (GCF/PTCRB platform) and
4. DASY6 with mmWave probe

For 5G NR testing and certification services, please contact Sporton Sales Representatives in your regions; North America : Ron Hsu, ( 許榮新 ), Mobile : +1-408-813-4120

For technical questions, please reach out to our Subject Matter Experts
Jones Tsai ( 蔡書孔 ), Mobile : +886-(0) 921-060452
Alexander Ho ( 何適宇 ), Mobile : +886-(0) 975-568780,

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