The world's first FCC grant for 802.11ay
  Sporton’s helped Qualcomm Inc. acquire 802.11 ay FCC certificate on June 06, 2019, and this is the world’s first grant of 802.11ay device for FCC.                                                              

The Qualcomm QCA6438/QCA6428 chipset application is a network infrastructure and wireless access point.  It is known that the maximum data rate can exceed 10Gbps, which is more than twice the current commercial products of 802.11ad.  It can bring new wireless experiences to AR, VR, 4K / 8K movies, mobile screen projection and other applications.

Compared to the previous 802.11ad bandwidth of 2.16 GHz, 802.11ay adds dual-channel bonding to a bandwidth of 4.32 GHz to achieve double data rates of up to 10 Gbps.

The introduction video of FCC regulatory test has been uploaded on YouTube.

Sporton 60GHz wireless Certification


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