FCC UNII ruling
FCC announces latest UNII ruling by First Report & Order (First R&O): FCC 14-30 on March 31, 2014.
Summary of main changes as below:
UNII band 1 (5150~5250MHz)
Remove indoor use restriction
Output power:50mW -> 250mW (Portable device) or 1W (Access point)
UNII band 2C (5470~5725MHz)
New FCC DFS bin1
Available again for 5600~5650MHz(TDWR)
U-NII band 3(5725~5850MHz)
5.8GHz 15.247 DTS merges into UNII-3
The effective date is 30days after Federal register publication.
However, it will be very soon to publish this rule change by FCC officer expression. 
The above changes are significant influence on 802.11 WLAN products.
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