Outstanding Enterprises

The Ministry of Economic Affairs announced on April 19 the list of 4th Mittelstand Award winning enterprises. There are a total of 78 enterprise candidates selected into the potential Mittelstand pool, where 15 of these enterprises were honored with the Mittelstand Award: TCI Co., Ltd., Kinik Company, TAIWAN PAIHO LIMITED, Aeon Motor Co., Ltd., HEBRON SOFT LTD., ALEX GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY INC., Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd., Actron Technology Corporation, CUB ELECPARTS INC., Nova Design Co., Ltd., Sporton International Inc., SOLTEAM ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD., Career Technology (mfg.) Co., Ltd., SYSTEX CORPORATION, and Onyx Healthcare Inc. At the same time, three candidate enterprises: Sha Yang Ye Industrial Co., Ltd., Makalot Industrial Co., Ltd., and Deta International Co., Ltd., were selected as the best Mittelstand enterprises that create friendly workplaces. 

The Mittelstand Award is given in recognition to enterprises, whose technical or service model in a specific field is unique, highly competitive in markets around the world, and have Taiwan as the primary operation or production base, and are  the benchmark of industry. 

Starting in 2013, the Ministry of Economic Affairs set up the Mittelstand Service Team to provide customized services to potential Mittelstand according to each business's needs to find assistance in the five preferential counseling aspects: talents, skills, intellectual property, brand marketing, and others from various governmental agencies. According to statistics, the grand total enterprises that this service has generated is through the end of 2016 NTD$176.4 billion in relevant investment, and it has created employment for 20,668 people.  

Take KMC Chain Industrial Co., Ltd., winner of the 3rd Mittelstand award as example, in addition to the continuous developing its own technology, the company also applied for government resources at the opportune times, which helped speed up the development of ultra-light weight, variable-strength steel chains for bicycles, establish a brand image system, strengthen the supply chain and production management (introducing TPM system), and implement other necessary works that further solidify its dominance in the metal chain business. The company's revenue rose sharply NTD$ 1.35 billion in 2012, to NTD$ 4.01 billion  in 2016, while the company's EPS rose from NTD$ 2.42 in 2012 to NTD$ 7.13 in 2016. 

The Ministry of Economic Affairs will assist Mittelstand moving in the direction of the 5+N Industry Innovation Policy, and continue to select more businesses operating within the scope of such Policy as Mittelstand, thereby, creating growth momentum, driving domestic investment, and creating quality employment opportunities.

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