Sporton cooperates with ASUS to obtain world’s FIRST Wi-Fi 6E Low Power Indoor AP FCC certificate

  After getting first Wi-Fi 6E client module certificate, Sporton helps ASUS obtain world’s first Wi-Fi 6E LPI AP certificate. ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 now becomes the first Wi-Fi 6E Low Power Indoor AP approved by the FCC. There were some new test items in Wi-Fi 6E test guidance: KDB 987594, such as Contention Based Protocol (CBP), In-Band Emissions (Mask), etc. Sporton has overcome all of them and built up new capabilities to help ASUS obtain world’s first WiFi 6E Low Power Indoor AP FCC certificate.

Contention Based Protocol (CBP)

  Indoor access points, subordinate devices and client devices operating in the 5.925-7.125 GHz band are required to use technologies that include a contention-based protocol such as “listen before talk” to avoid
co-channel interference with incumbent devices sharing the band. Sporton can perfectly simulate the incumbent signal to meet this new test requirement. This test requirement is especially critical, some usually fails in this test item due to the FCC won’t allow any signal after detecting AWGN, but Sporton overcame this issue and successfully helped our client to obtain the certificate.

Sporton is well-prepared to test the 6GHz equipment due to cooperating with chipset vendors and have experiences on pretest period. We successfully help our customers to obtain certificates in the shortest time.

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