Announcement for completing TCB/FCB/NB/AB designation
    Today, I am proud to announce Sporton International Inc.has reached an important milestone in completingitsoverall service portfolio by adding Product Certification services.Following Sporton's strategic expansion in the U.S. with the formation of Sporton International (USA) Inc. based in Milpitas, California in 2018, Sporton is now offering FCC-TCB(Telecommunication Certification Body), ISED-FCB(Foreign Certification Body), EU-NB(Notified Body), UK-AB(Approved Body)and NCC-RCB(Recognized Certification Body)product certification services to customers around the world.

Sporton's Certification Department strives to be the first-choice third-party conformity assessment company worldwide by providing atransparent review process withconsistentfeedback.

Sporton's Certification staffincludes dedicated application reviewers and certifierswho are stationed in the U.S., Taiwan, and China. Our global network and decades of regulatory compliance experience enables usto deliver a 24/6 review cycle to meet anycustomer’s deadline.

Since 1986, Sporton's core values of Service First, Quality Guaranteed, and Product Innovationhave supported its continued growth. Our most recent achievements include:

 Providedfull testing services for the first product in the world using the following innovative technologies approved by the FCC

• 802.11 ax Access Point
CBRS radio
5G NRsmart phone
802.11ay module
Wi-Fi 6E client module and indoor clientunit
Time-Averaged Specific Absorption Rate (TAS) Algorithmvalidation 

From 2015 to 2019, Sporton International Inc. became the only test lab in the world to receive the “PTRCRB Award of Excellence” and achieved 100% test coverage of PTCRB/GCF without outsourcing.

With testing facilities in Silicon Valley-USA, Taiwan, Shenzhen-China, Kunshan-China, Sporton International Group is well-positioned to be your trusted partner to achieve “In-Compliance, In-Time”.For more information about Sporton International Group and our services,please visit our websiteat
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