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Date of Establishment:May 1st, 1986
Capital: NT$914,556,970
Number of Employees: 600+
Market Positioning: credible, judicious, independent, private, and accredited test laboratroy

Quality Policy: Passionate, Professional, and Fast
Main Services: EMC & SAFETY Test, Customization, and Certification 
Laboratories: 7 laboratories in Taiwan – His-Chih, Junghe, Neihu, Donghu, Linkou, Hwaya Technology Park, Zhubei, Kunshan(China), ShenZhen(China),and Korea

Main Services:
(1)EMC Compatibility Test
(2)Safety Test
(3)Radio Device Test
(4)Cellphone Handset Test(Mobile communication: GPRS, CDMA, …)
(5)Sales for Anti Magnetic Component
(6)NCC Certificaiton Test

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