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Founded in April 1999, the Component BU formed a strategic alliance with Gang Song Electronics and subsequently established the Sporton brand. With nearly 10 years of RD experience for passive components, the BU is now the leading supplier for the market. The reason for such a phenomenal success is because the alliance effectively leverages the strengths of both allies - nearly 20 years of RD experience by Gang Song Electronics, and EMC expertise by Component BU. The purpose why the BU was founded is to better solve EMC, component designs and product issues for our business partners.

Currently, Sporton International continues to establish partnerships with well-known domestic as well as international manufacturers. As the product quality and price that Sporton International offers are very competitive in the market, large customer accounts are growing substantially. To keep up with customer demands in China, Sporton International set up manufacturing facilities in Guangdong (Zhuhai and Huangjiang) and Shanghai (Wujiang) and offers a list of products including inductors and power chokes, and designs customized products based on customer specifications. This effectively reflects the business philosophy of Trust, Professionalism and Value that Sporton International faithfully follows.

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