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Since its inception in 1986, Sporton International has been focusing on providing customers with professional product testing and certification services. With years of dedication, Sporton International has been accredited by regulatory bodies such as TAF, FCC, VCCI, BSMI, Australia/New Zealand committees. With solid credibility in the industry, Sporton International now is the largest test lab specializing in EMC tests. To better serve our customers, we relentlessly pursue innovations and improve service qualities through discreet software and hardware investments. Service First, Quality Guaranteed, and Product Innovation - is our measurements for customer satisfaction and we never stop innovating to create value and grow. With your feedback and suggestions, Sporton International is well-positioned to become your best business partner and create profitable business opportunities with you.

※1986: Shorton International established in Sonshan, Taipei, with one shielded room - the first private EMI test facility, offering local manufacturers an alternative EMI test choice other than ERSO.

※1988: set up EMI open area test site in Neihu and obtained official accreditations from US FCC, Japen VCCI, and Norway NEMKO.

※1995: to be in full compliance with EU CE requirements, Sporton International invested NTD$30 millions to build an EMC (EMI and EMS) open area test site in Linkou, Taipei County.

※1997: relocated headquarters to Hsi-Chih, Taipei County and set up 743 chambers to provide comprehensive, quality, and better service to local suppliers and manufacturers.

※2001: established the Hwaya facility in the Hwaya Technology Park, Kwei-Shan Township, Taotuan County. The facility includes two semi-anechoic chambers, one 3m and the other 10m. SAFETY services were accredited by US UL lab and CAP.  

※2005: established test sites for Digital TV performance tests and CE-EN55020 tests (broadcast sound and television receiver) in Neihu.

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