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The RF BU was initially founded in January 2003. In order to cover the ever-growing and diverse wireless products in the market, the RF BU was expanded and renamed to the Hwaya RF BU in 2006 to continue providing the comprehensive consultation, testing, and certification services. The Hwaya RF BU focuses on providing customers with premium testing services and test sites complying with the most rigorous certification standards. 

Sales Department: provide consultation, testing, and certification services to global customers. Sales representatives are available at the Shijr headquarters and the Hwaya RF BU. 

Engineering Department: conduct relevant test and produce reports for EMC and RF related product tests, and certify and research the latest products. We have extended testing capacities to include energy measurements for MIMO, IEEE802.11n and WiMax Equipment. With our experience in testing and certifications, we are sure to satisfy all consultation and certification needs for our customers. Additionally, our test sites have achieved CISRR 22 certifications (high frequency requirements for test sites.) Our international certification team can perform certification tests for products from more than 150 manufacturers and effectively assist customers in obtaining relevant certification information regarding GSM, EMC, Telecom, and Radio products.

Project Management and Customer Service Department: confirm and track the status of test projects, expedite document preparation processes and assist customers in handling and solving relevant test issues to obtain various certificates as soon as possible.

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