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  BU Profile

Founded in August 2003, the Mobile Device Business Unit (MDBU) strives to build the most comprehensive testing lab and professional testing team. We emphasize growing with international as well as domestic manufacturers and delivering a full range of design consultation, training, testing and certification services to our customers, allowing them to acquire certificates locally and promote products globally.

Our mobile phone test equipment and testing facilities are internationally recognized by agencies and committees such as the GCF, PTCRB, CTIA, FCC, Notified Body, and TAF/NCC, and European/USA main carriers.

Currently, the MDBU constitutes 150 enthusiastic employees. The management team possesses not only handset test and certification experiences, but also years of experience in handset, WLAN, RF, antenna, and Protocol R&D fields.  

2003: Mobile Device BU founded in August
2003: established test sites for mobile device RF, EMC, SAR, and Acoustic tests and obtained TAF 17025 accreditations. Appointed by NCC to be the designated test lab for PLMN01(GSM 900 and DCS1800 Mobile Equipment Technical Specifications) and PLMN08 (Technical Specifications for the Third Generation Mobile Telecommunication Terminal Equipment) tests.
2004: establish OTA (Over-the-Air) 3-D Antenna test sites.
2004: SAR facilities were certified by Motorola in June.
2005: Joined GCF (GSM Global Certification Forum) as an observer member in January.
2005: established partnership with RFI Global in UK in February, and GCF/PTCRB test department was founded.
2005: established WCDMA test capabilities in April. 
2005: obtained TAF 17025 and CTIA accreditations for OTA (Over The Air) 3D Antenna tests.
2006: became NCC mobile phone certification RCB in January.
2007: achieved Vodafone OTA and SAR test certification.
2007: achieved Moto FM test certification.
2008: established the RF and mobile phone test lab, which is the only Taiwanese GCF/PTCRB accredited test lab in Korea.
2008: achieved capability for testing Japanese mobile standards.
2008: established HSDPA/HSUPA/USAT/JAVA measurement capacities in GCF/PTCRB field.
2008: acquired CITA/WiFi Alliance Wi-Fi OTA accreditation in January.
2009: established sound pressure testing capability complying with EN50332-1 and EN50332-2 standards in January.
2009: established TTY testing capability for both 2G and 3G TTY (1st in Asia) in March.
2009: established A-GPS OTA measurement capability (1st in Asia) in March.
2009: established A-GPS GCF/PTCRB measurement capability in March.
2009: achieved AT&T AGPS OTA recommended lab in June.
2009: established TD-SCDMA OTA and WiMAX OTA measurement capability in August.
2009: achieved Sprint OTA accreditation in November. 
2010: The Korea branch achieved CTIA/WiFi Alliance WiFi OTA in February.
2010:established Emission Radiation frequency band up to 6GHz(30MHz~6GHz).
2010:established FCC/CE/GCF/PTCRB/OTA/SAR HSPA+ testing capability.
2010:established Radiation Susceptibiliyt (RS) frequency band up to 6GHz(80MHz~6GHz).
2010:Cooperate with Taiwan's TTC(Telecom Technology Center) for WiMAX forum's RPT test.
2010:established FCC/CE/OTA/SAR LTE testing capability.
2011: acquired CTIA 3.1 approval.
2011: achieved LTE PTCRB accreditation.
2012: Shen-Zhen and Korea branch both achieved LTE PTCRB accreditation.
2012: obtained NFC forum approval.
2012: obtained AT&T 10776 pre-test capability.
2013: established Xi-An branch lab in China.
2013: obtained Orange OTA test capability.
2014: established the third MIMO OTA lab.
2014: obtained AT&T MIMO OTA test capability.
2014: obtained AT&T Wearable OTA test capability.
2015: established the fourth MIMO OTA lab.
2015: obtained China Mobile OTA performance test capability.

Management Team Profile

Joe Yang
4+ years of RF and WLAN design experience for mobile phone handsets. Senior manager for the wireless RD department.
10+ years of handset certification experience
13+ years of EMC debug and certification experience
M.S. in Industrial Management. A research Institute of Communication Engineering, Yuanze University(Incompletion)
Jones Tsai
3+ years of RF and WLAN experience
10+ years of handset certification experience M.S. in Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Hendry Yang
3+ years of RF and WLAN design experience for mobile phone handsets
1 year of AE experience for microwave apparatus
10+ years of handset certification experience
M.S. in Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Jay Zhong
12+ years of handset testing and Certification experience
Chung Yuan Christian University
  Jim Tsai
15+ years of experience in mobile phone & RF products testing and certification management
  John Lu
10+ years of experience in mobile phone (DECT,GSM, GPRS, WCDMA, EVDO)protocol R&D
2 years of North America carrier (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon) certification experience
2 years of mobile phone products PM experience
3+ years of manager of mobile phone certification management experience
B.S. of Department of Applied Mathematics, National Sun Yat-Sen University
  Alexander Ho
9+ years of experience in mobile phone RF, WLAN R&D
2 years of IC products PM experience
4+ years of manager of mobile phone, RF products, etc. testing and certification management experience
M.S. of Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering, Communication Group, National Taiwan University


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