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  Product Certification

Sporton International (USA) Inc.   

 Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) Program – For FCC Grant of Equipment Authorization

 Foreign Certification Body (FCB) Program – For certify equipment to ISED/Canadian radio-communication requirements

Notified Body Per Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU- Annex III Module B EU-Type Examination

Approved Body Per the Radio Equipment Regulations 2017 (SI 2017/1206)-Schedule 3, Module B UKCA-Type Examination

Sporton International USA Inc. is wholly own subsidiary of Sporton International Inc. with headquarter based in Taiwan. Sporton’s Product Certification Department is accredited based on ISO Guide 17065, under designation of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), operates under the authority of the various regulatory scheme owners for product certification.

Product Certification Department’s mission is certifying equipment in the public interest in accordance with Regulatory Scheme Owner’s Rules, Policies and Interpretations. The principles of operations include:

•  Providing a fair, impartial and transparent process for certifying equipment subject to certification;

•  Follow and abide with all aspects of ISO/IEC Guide 17065;

•  Be responsible to the regulatory Scheme Owners, manufacturer of equipment and public to provide quality service in the evaluation of all relevant documents to ensure that the equipment can comply with the Rules;

•  Establish the fee services it charges manufacturers of products submitted for certification for the product evaluation, document review and ongoing quality maintenance.

ISO 17065 scope of accreditation

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